Generating sets are affected by environmental factors, such as temperature, altitude, humidity and air quality.
Temperature: a high temperature affects the cooling which makes the generating set provide less power. Copper losses* can sometimes occur. These losses cause the voltage to drop.
Altitude: at high altitudes, the standard carburetor’s air-fuel mixture (air-fuel ratio) is too rich (more fuel, less oxygen). The engine is less performant, can overheat and can even be seriously damaged. Fuel consumption and emissions will increase heavily. We could say that for every 300m the altitude increases, the power decreases with 3.5%.
Humidity: the copper windings can oxidize because of moisture, that is why there sometimes are several layers of coating around them in order to keep them insulated.
Air quality: the cleaner the air, the better. If the generating set is principally used in maritime areas, the risks of insulation problems and oxidization will increase.
* Copper loss:



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