When the generating set is idle for at least three months or overwinters, it is important to keep it in a good condition. The generating set must be cooled down (min. 30 minutes after use) before you can start cleaning all the parts. Never clean them with water, because it can make the generating set rust. Make sure that the generating set is clean so that it can remain cooled properly. Spray the parts that can rust easily with a layer of silicon spray. Pour some engine oil into the cylinder and make the piston move up and down a few times. Change the engine oil and the oil filter as well, if that has not happened recently.
We recommend you empty the tank and the carburetor of your generating set if it runs on gasoline. Gasoline can oxidize, which causes the carburetor to get clogged and prevents the generating set to start. If the generating set has a battery, it will lose power if it has not been used for a long time. So make sure your battery is always connected to a battery charger.

  • Let generating set cool down 
  • Clean all parts (no water!)
  • Let alternator cool down sufficiently
  • Spray metal parts with layer of silicon spray
  • Pour engine oil in cylinder
  • Carry out maintenance if not happened recently: oil and filters
  • Empty engine and carburetor of gasoline if necessary
  • Disconnect battery and connect to battery charger



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