In order to choose the right generating set, you will have to follow a few steps. The choice of the right generating set depends on one or two factors. Follow these steps carefully and you will find the generating set that you need.
First, you need to make up a list with the type and amount of loads in order to determine the total amount of power. You will have to take into account specific environmental factors, since they also play a role while determining the power. Once you know which appliances you will use at the same time, you can check whether they are single- or three-phase.
The location where you will principally use your generating set (inside or outside) determines whether it has a canopy or just a frame. It is best not to use open generating sets in the rain. Water can cause serious damage to the generating set, endangering the user. If you use the generating set in open air, make sure it doesn’t make more noise than is authorized by law. You will have to bear in mind the current noise standards.
For conventional 50Hz generating sets, the most common engine speeds are 3000rpm and 1500rpm. The generating sets with 1500rpm are quieter and have a longer lifespan. The engine speed depends on the number of pole pairs and the frequency of the voltage. This depends on the country where you want to use your generating set.
Before buying a generating set you need to determine the type of fuel and take into account the generating set’s number of operating hours per year (lifespan). In general, a diesel engine has a longer lifespan than a gasoline engine. There are two ways to start up the generating set: electrically and/or manually.

Starting up electronically Starting up manually




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