There are various tips when it comes to working safely. Always keep them in mind, so that nothing can happen to you.
Do not use your generating set in a closed room, unless this room is well ventilated. Protect your generating set from weather elements like rain to prevent short-circuits and the formation of rust. Most generating sets are protected against overload, but we recommend you to always respect the maximal prescribed power.
Never fill the fuel tank while the generating set is running. You will spill fuel more easily, which results in putting yourself in danger. Always make sure to store extra fuel in room without open flames or gas burners.
Do not use your generating set in sandy/dusty areas. If too much sand enters the air intakes, the generating set could get damaged. Other environmental factors can affect the functioning of your generating set as well.
Safety checklist:

  • well-ventilated room
  • protection from rain
  • protection against overload
  • generating set turned off when refueling
  • watch out for dusty/sandy areas



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