Connection between rotor and generating set
The connection of the engine shaft with the rotor happens through a tapered connection. This connection centers itself thanks to its cone shape. A stud bolt (see picture) is screwed on the engine shaft.
The rotor is screwed on the stud bolt until it is fixed to the engine shaft. Then, the power is transmitted between the rotor and the engine shaft.
The rotor has to be aligned with precision. If it is crooked, it will grate against the stator and cause severe damage to the generating set.
Releasing the connection between rotor and engine shaft
Before removing the rotor from the engine shaft, the stator has to be removed first. Now, the nut that keeps the rotor and the engine shaft together has to be loosened. We recommend you to do this with an impact wrench. If you don’t have one, make sure the engine shaft can’t move by blocking the piston rod. Now you can tap on the rotor until it is loosened. Make sure not to damage the rotor.



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