Both have advantages and disadvantages. If you want to connect the generating set to your house in case of power failure, we recommend an automatic stand-by generating set since it is safer and requires less attention because it is switched on and off automatically. Conventional generating sets however, have various uses.
Automatic stand-by generating sets are permanently installed emergency generating sets. They have a large diesel tank or are connected to the natural gas connection of your house or company. If they have a natural gas connection, you do not have to worry about the fuel supply and the installation is much cheaper. They start automatically in case of power failure and they are able to perform an automatic check.
The generating set is continuously connected to your house or company, which means that your house or company is supplied with energy again quickly and safely. With a control module, you could make your generating set run in parallel with the mains.
When using a conventional generating set, you have to connect the loads yourself with extensions cords (hyp verlengsnoeren). These generating sets often have a small fuel tank which means that they have to be switched off in order to refill the tanks. You can use them in various situations. You can choose between electric or manual start. Conventional generating sets are usually cheaper than automatic stand-by generating sets, because they are not equipped with systems such as ASSS (automatic start-stop system) or parallel connection.
Advantages and disadvantages

Stand-by generating set
Natural gas is possible (if gas engine) Not mobile
ASSS (Automatic Start/Stop System) More expensive
24/7 possible Only supplies energy for your home or company
No need of extension cords  

Conventional generating set
Many uses Extension cords
Mobile Recommended for a few hours only
Cheaper Smaller fuel tank

    automatic stand by genset
conventional genset



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