Most generating sets are floating ground generating sets (= IU network) (see NEN1010 standard).
I (insulated) means that no point is connected with earth (insulation), except perhaps via a high impedance.
U (unearthed) means that all masses are directly connected with each other and not earthed.
This means that the generating sets do not need to be earthed when only one class 1 appliance (earthed appliances) is connected to it. For class 2 appliances, there are no restrictions* on the number of appliances that can be connected at the same time. Class 2 appliances are double-insulated appliances (double square).

If you wish to connect more class 1 appliances, you will have to equip your generating set with an earth leaking circuit breaker.
The alternator’s star point has to be earthed and you have to use an earthing pin or an isolation protection. The alternator’s star point is not earthed when there is an insulation protection and we don’t use an earthing pin. In that case, we talk about a TN-S network.
T (French: terre) means that there is a direct connection between the star point and the earth.
N (French: neutre) means that the mass is connected with the earthed protective conductor of the electrical distribution network.
S (French: séparation) means that the neutral conductor and the earth conductor are executed separately.
Of course, the generating set must not be loaded with more than the maximum amount of kVA.



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