This depends on the type of alternator. It is only possible if you have an AVR-controlled alternator that you can tune to 50Hz or 60Hz (see picture below). This is not possible with generating sets controlled by a variable transformer or by a capacitor, because the stator’s windings are not made for this. With the last two systems, the voltage fluctuates while with an AVR-controlled alternator, the voltage is kept constant.
When we convert a 60Hz generating set to 50Hz, the engine speed decreases from 3600rpm to 3000rpm or from 1800rpm to 1500rpm. When we convert a 50Hz generating set to 60Hz, the engine speed increases from 3000rpm to 3600rpm or from 1500rpm to 1800rpm.
It is therefore very important that the voltage changes when the frequency changes.


Diagram of an AVR-controlled alternator. Here you can see how to tune your alternator to 50Hz or 60Hz.



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