The installation of a generating set should always be carried out by a qualified electrician. Choose on which type of fuel you want your generating set to run. Be careful, this is a one-time decision only and it is very important in the long run. Make sure that the generating set does not cause noise pollution, be it inside your house or for your neighbors. Make sure that the room is ventilated enough as well. Have a floor plan drawn so you and the engineer have an idea of the implantation of your generating set. If needed, you can apply for a license and have the generating set inspected. Place the operating system in a dry room so it cannot be damaged by humidity.

  • Choose type of fuel (only once!)
  • Have layout plan drawn
  • Apply for license (necessary in certain countries like the United States)
  • Provide fuel connection (natural gas, propane, diesel, gasoline)
  • Install operating system
  • Have generating set inspected (if needed)
  • Have electrical installation inspected



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