The maximum amount of noise (decibel) that a generating set is allowed to make in open spaces varies from continent to continent. Australia is divided into different noise zones and each zone has its own regulation. In the United States, there are no noise standards whatsoever unlike in Europe. In Europe, generating sets in open air are allowed to have a maximal sound pressure level of 72dB(A) at 7m from the noise source. That is why official measurements are made. The sound pressure level is converted into sound power (LWA).
In our chart, we can deduce that 72dB(A) at 7m from the noise source corresponds with a sound power of LWA97.

European standards
LWA ≤ 95dB(A) for generating sets between 0.8 and 2kVA
LWA ≤ 96dB(A) for generating sets between 2.1 and 3.9kVA and between 10.1 and 39.6kVA
LWA ≤ 97dB(A) for generating sets between 4 and 10kVA and between 39.6 and 395.2kVA
LWA ≤ 98dB(A) for generating sets from 395.3kVA onwards

Attention: when the sound level increases by 3dB(A), the sound perceived by the human ear is doubled. When the sound level decreases by 3dB(A), the sound perceived by the human ear is halved.



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