The sound intensity of generating sets fluctuates approximately between 60dB and 90dB at a distance of 7m from the sound source. Below, you will find a decibel chart, which allows you to compare the amount of decibel of a generating set with sounds of everyday life. In open air, the maximum sound intensity is 72dB(A) or 97LWA at a distance of 7m from the sound source.
There are various factors that can affect the amount of decibel:

  1. Type of engine
    It is a well-known fact that engines make less noise than diesel engines, but more than gas engines.
  2. Engine speed
    1500rpm engines are quieter than 3000rpm ones.
  3. Canopy
    Generating sets with a canopy are quieter than open ones.
  4. Air cooling or water cooling
    Air-cooled engines make more noise than water-cooled ones.

Decibel chart



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