It is a small mobile generating set. Some models adapt their engine speed (power) when they are charged with a small load. That is why these generating sets make less noise and consume less fuel when charged with a small load. Inverter generating sets can work for 20 seconds with a 120% load. This clearly is a great advantage for loads with high starting current.
Their frequency always remains 50Hz, with no load as well as with full load.
The alternating voltage is generated by a permanently magnetized alternator, then rectified ( and smoothed ( to direct current This current is in turn converted by an inverter into the desired single-phase alternating current with a perfect sinus and frequency. Thanks to this system, you can easily connect an electronic appliance. If you have a conventional generating set, you will need an AVR to do so.
Some inverter generating sets can be connected in parallel without any problem but make sure that you don’t connect more than two generating sets in parallel.



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