A start/stop system is mainly used with generating sets that serve as back-up power when the mains voltage is interrupted or when there is a power outage.
The transfer switch has 3 positions, which makes sure that the generating set and the mains cannot provide energy at the same time. Otherwise, the generating set could break down when the mains provides energy again.
Installation should be carried out by a qualified electrician.
Types of start/stop systems

A. Automatic start/stop system (ASSS)

The ASSS will automatically switch on when the mains is interrupted or when there is a power outage. These are the steps that take place:

  1. The mains voltage is interrupted or there is a power outage
  2. The ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) registers the power outage.
  3. The generating set’s relay switches on.
  4. The generating set starts up at the right speed (rpm) and the right voltage for the demanded load (the relay switches).
  5. The connected appliances are running again.
  6. The mains power returns.
  7. The ATS makes sure that the generating set stops supplying voltage by switching off the generating set’s relay.
  8. The mains’ relay switches on. The appliances get power again from the mains.

We recommend you to let the generating set run now and then with several appliances connected to it. This way, you make sure that the set will run in case of emergency (important for gasoline generating sets).
This system runs on a much safer voltage (12V). There is a built-in battery with a battery charger that makes sure the generating set can be switched on when there is no power. The battery charger makes sure that the 12V battery keeps its voltage.

B. Manual transfer switch (mains/generating set)

The 3-position changeover switch works according to the same principle as automatic start/stop systems. The only difference is that a person has to turn on the voltage switch manually, it doesn’t switch automatically.
Generating sets with manual transfer switches should be running once a week with appliances connected to it as well to make sure that it will work in case of emergency. This is very important for gasoline generating sets.



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